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DAIWHA a domestic medical device manufacturing company, launched a new product

DAIWHA Device, a domestic medical device manufacturer that manufactures medical devices with domestic technology, announced that new products for pharmaceutical injection pumps and energy device systems will be released this year. The newly released syringe pump (Medifusion DS-5000) is a product that is mainly used in intensive care units, emergency rooms, and anesthesiology departments to inject a small amount of drugs at the correct time, and is equipped with a target concentration control function required for anesthesia during surgery. In addition, the ultrasonic energy device (MEDISONIC) is mainly used for incision and coagulation of tissues or blood vessels during surgical operation using ultrasonic waves, and the 3 series with sharp tips and buttons added to the existing 1 series, and the scissor shape for easy laparotomy. The release of the 5 series is also expected. In the case of DE-400, a premium electrosurgical device, a function to implement an electric energy device mainly used in laparoscopic surgery has been added to the basic functions of the existing monopolar and bipolar, and the DUB100, which is a generator of an energy device, is applied to electric/ultrasonic energy devices. By adding a bipolar function, most operations can be performed with one generator, reducing convenience and cost. In addition, it is equipped with an automatic output control and automatic stop system that automatically controls and stops the electrical output according to the resistance value in consideration of the patient's safety. Dae-Young Yoon, CEO of DAIWHA Equipment, said, "We have developed a MEDIPOLAR that cuts and coagulates tissues with electric energy and a physical blade to expand the scope of use of end-users and apply our products to various surgeries." Said. The products of DAIWHA Device are mainly used by medical staff in hospitals, and if a problem is received during use, the symptom is accurately identified and visited to take action at the site. The metropolitan area is managed directly by the head office, and the local government is managed after-sales through local agencies. In addition, hospitals that have purchased more than a certain quantity of products conduct preventive inspections at least once a year. It has a high domestic market share of more than 50% based on the number of installed units, and exports have been smoothly carried out overseas thanks to the success of the domestic market. In addition to the accuracy of the injection volume and convenient user operability, the core technology of the pharmaceutical injection pump is that the pump is equipped with an infusion library so that customers can use various infusion sets more conveniently and safely. In addition, beyond the function of simply injecting drugs, the self-pain control function that allows the patient to self-inject the prescribed pain reliever and the target concentration control injection function, which is an essential function of the anesthesiology department, have been added. It is expected that the development of the Central Monitoring System, which enables real-time monitoring in the nurse's room without having to go directly to the office, can help the medical staff's work efficiency in the future. After the pandemic infection of Corona 19 in 2021, we look forward to the active export of dialogue devices and to lead the domestic related medical device market.

DAIWHA a domestic medical device manufacturing company, launched a new product
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