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Donation to Aejiram/British Bank in 2020

Every year, volunteer activities with Daehwa family members were canceled due to coronavirus in 2020. In particular, in order to appease our regret, we chose to donate in 2020 because we did not have the opportunity to convey the warmth of visiting difficult places every winter and giving briquettes and volunteering. Aejiram is a facility for gender-minded people, opened in 2002, and is a beautiful home with the name of a vessel containing love. Donation was made through the Warm Briquette Bank of Dogye Cathedral located in Samcheok City, Gangwon-do. In particular, in 2020, due to the coronavirus, there is a lack of helping hands in difficult areas, so we decided to be a little help. It is regrettable that we cannot visit in person as group activities are currently prohibited. In 2020 alone, the whole world must have suffered from the coronavirus, but we support from afar. All are healthy.

Donation to Aejiram/British Bank in 2020
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