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2022 DAIWHA Workshop for First Half Settlement and Second Half Plan

Some of Daihwa's executives and employees went to the workshop to share the results of the first half and discuss the remaining plans for the second half.

DAIWHA has not been able to properly conduct workshops for more than two years due to COVID-19. It was a good time to do a workshop outside the company after a long time.

Unfortunately, not all of us were able to participate in the workshop because COVID-19 was not over yet.

Only the team leader and the assistant managers attended, and they had a meaningful time solving problems and coming up with solutions through divisional discussions that they had not been able to do.

We hope that COVID-19 will end soon so that all employees can attend various events in the company as before.

DAIWHA family, thank you for your hard work during the first half of 2022. I hope you achieve all your remaining goals for the second half of the year.



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